20 Old Wives’ Tales You Should Stop Believing By Now

Will you catch a cold with wet hair? Will your potato salad go bad in the heat? Does a drink help a hangover? We’ve got the answers that debunk (or defend) common old wives’ tales.

Old wives’ tale: Peeing on a jellyfish sting alleviates the pain

This previous wives’ tale is definitely effective in deterring individuals from coming back too on the point of jellyfish. After all, no one wants to purposely pee on themselves—or worse, have a friend do it. However, many of you will be surprised (and some, a bit regretful) to learn that the tale is not actually true.

Jellyfish stings result from millions of stinging cells on a jellyfish’s tentacle, known as nematocytes, injecting venom into the skin. After getting stung, rather than heading straight to the bathroom—or commissioning a brave friend to come with you—follow three simple steps to alleviate the pain: First, remove the tentacles with something other than your fingers (to prevent further stinging). Next, disable the nematocytes by pouring an acidic compound, such as vinegar, on the site of the sting. Finally, use a flat object to scrape off the stinging cells, and voilà, you have treated your jellyfish sting—without the use of urine!


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