Drinking This abundant occasional every day may facilitate Burn Fat

Hint: It has to do with the caffeine.

Drinking This Much Coffee a Day Could Help Burn FatExperts talk about how important hydration is for health and weight loss. And they also talk a lot about how to cut down on calories in things like your daily coffee. Now, new research shows that one cup of plain coffee could stimulate “brown fat”—and it might be another breakthrough for weight loss research.

What is brown fat?

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Scientists from the University of Nottingham tested nine healthy male and female volunteers to see if caffeine stimulates “brown fat.” These fat cells are different from white, or regular body fat cells, because the body uses this fat to generate heat, according to Jaime Harper, MD, an obesity medicine physician who was not a part of this study. Meanwhile, regular body fat cells store energy, says Dr. Harper. And according to Jamie Kane, MD, the director of the Northwell Health Center for Weight Management, people also call this tissue “baby fat.” Since it generates heat, it also burns calories, as opposed to other types of fat which might contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance, and further weight gain, says Dr. Kane, who was also not part of this study.


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