This three Skin-Care products virtually Erased My secretion skin disorder Scars

Even if you conquer a dish face filled with pimples, you will be left battling the scars. This is the story of how I got rid of mine.


The teenaged years area unit once most adolescents suffer from inflammatory disease flare-ups and cystic pimples. Lucky on behalf of me, I had clear, porcelain, glowing skin. I never even used skincare products! Yep, not a drop—true story. I keep in mind however lucky I felt to not ought to suffer the emotional stress and embarrassment of getting a face coated in craters, redness, physiological state, and dry flaky skin… until it happened to me.


Around the time I went to college, I started noticing small breakouts along my jawline and had no idea why. I wasn’t doing anything different than I had been doing my whole life. And ironically, the better care I took of my skin, the more acne I got. I was embarrassed and depressed.

Naturally, I ran to the local pharmacy and purchased cult-favorite skin care products, including Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser paired with Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, which resulted in nothing. Nada. If anything, my skin looked and felt worse.

That’s when I got serious and made an appointment with a dermatologist, who put me on topical and oral medications to treat what turned out to be hormonal acne, due to the fact that I had stopped taking birth control. Board certified specialist Debra Wattenberg, MD, explains, “Hormonal acne tends to develop post-teenage years and is commonly distributed along the jawline, neck, and cheeks. It often presents with cysts that are caused by fluctuations in hormones, specifically increases in androgens like testosterone.” Causes of hormonal acne, according to Dr. Wattenberg, founding father of New York State Skin RX, include irregular periods, discontinuation of birth control pills, and menopause. The cysts that develop from hormonal acne are deep and hard to treat, so Dr. Wattenberg commonly recommends antibiotics, birth control pills, and anti-androgens such as Spironolactone, which dials down male hormone expression in the body. These are the clear signs you probably need prescription acne treatment.

Unfortunately, that’s not the happy ending to the story. Although my disease of the skin slowly cleared up, it left behind terrible scars, including hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin, which is usually caused by excessive picking at areas of irritation, popping pimples the wrong way (here’s the right way to get rid of a pimple overnight), and picking away at pimples as they are healing.

I struggled to find the solution to correct my damaged skin. I tried Sephora’s high picks for scarring from grail dermatologists and celebrities like Kate Somerville, Dr. Dennis Gross, Dr. Jart, and more. Once again, I was left feeling hopeless that my skin would ever be the same.


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