The 14 Best Post-Workout Snack Ideas

These energizing snacks pack the proper nutrients to assist you to recover from your workout while not undoing your calorie burn.

Here’s a common exercise dilemma:

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Have you ever stepped off of the treadmill, ecstatic over the number of calories that you burned, only to realize that you are extremely hungry? Most of us can relate to this exercise dilemma, the internal conflict between having a snack and negating the effects of your workout. While it may seem as though eating after you exercise erases all of your hard work, experts suggest that your body actually needs food after physical activity. “After a tough workout, it’s best to eat a snack within 30-60 minutes that contain both carbohydrate and protein. Protein starts the muscle repair and recovery process, while carbohydrate helps restock those energy stores that were used during your sweat sesh,” explains Chrissy Carol, RD and triathlon coach from Snacking in Sneakers. Surprisingly, there are many ways to satisfy the munchies—sans guilt. Here are the best post-workout snack ideas, that won’t reverse the effects of your exercise.


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